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Pro Team

Niels Mertens

Over the last few years Niels has made a serious name for himself due to his insane style and trickbook. He's no stranger to big contest and has shared the podium with Anthony Perrin and Kostya Andreev. On the streets they call him Niels 'Tornado' Mertens because of his effortless spin tricks. 

Louis Broeckaert

Year of birth: 1994

Residence: Roeselare

Local skatepark: Truespin

How old were you when you started riding and what or who got you into it?  

I started riding at the age of 12 because my dad also rode BMX. 

Describe your first real BMX bike:

My first bike was an 18 inch Dragonfly. My first 20 inch was a Wethepeople Addict.

Favourite riding spot:

My favo spot is a school near my hometown. It has plenty of banks, ledges and picknick tables.

Favourite trick:

Nosemanuel to bars of een dubs hard360

Which riders inspires you the most? 

Simone Barraco

Filming or contests:

I prefer filming because you can do the tricks you want on the spots you like.

How do you like to run your bike?

I prefer everything clean and black and a coloured frame.

What is your dream place to ride?

Barcelona, Israël

Bad habit? 

I'm very bad at crooked grinds.

Final words? 

Thanks to the guys over at groundedBMX and BSD forever for the good parts and support! Thanks aswell to the people who support me. THANKS!

Willem Van Gansen

Year of birth: 8 mei 1992

Residence: Halle

Local skatepark: Concrete park in Halle/Ermite Trails

How old were you when you started riding and what or who got you into it?

I always loved motobikes but they only had bikes for my size back then. When I was 11 I got my first decent BMX bike and I was hooked since than.

Describe your first BMX bike:

A black Flybikes Barcelona complete

Favourite riding spot:

Trails on a sunny day with the locals and some friends

Favourite trick:

I like to go as high and fast as I can. 

Which rider inspires you the most?

Legend Mike Aitken

Filming or contests:

Both. I just want to smile after I did something.

How do you like your bike?

High, long, clean and a big sprocket for speed.

What is your dream place to ride?

T-1 ramp in Austin. This will however remain a dream because they recently demolished it. 

Worst habit?

I lose stuff. A lot.

Final words? 

Enjoy riding your little kids bike and see where it all brings you ✌

Kenneth Tancré

Flow Team

Thomas Delhaye

Benoit Van De Geuchte

Brian 'O Brien


Greg Van Tulder

Nico Vink

Crazy Mike

Sig Cools

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