Premium CK tires back in stock01 September 2014
Chad Kerley signature tires are back in stock in black, tan or red wall !
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Fit T/A Gum wall tires back in stock26 August 2014
The full gum tires from Fit are back in stock. They come in size 2.30 or 2.40 !
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Stranger Native seats are back in stock19 August 2014
If you want one, don't doubt about it, these are really popular and go fast !
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Primo Freecoasters back in stock + guards !17 August 2014
Primo Freemix freecoasters are back in stock incluiding matching hubguards !
Available in black or high polished.
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Big BSD delivery got in today !11 August 2014
We received a big shipment of BSD today. Frames, bars, sprockets, tires, grips, hubs, stems, chains, you name it, we got it.
New in stock are the brand new Safari pedals, The Passenger bars, The Passenger frame is now also available in size 21,5 and we got a bunch of extra BSD hub guards.
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